From the beginning, the success of the Cornaglia Group has been possible mainly because of the people that are working there: their professionalism, motivation and sense of belonging have made it possible to achieve the expected objectives.


"Passion, initiative and team spirit are the principles that guide us in our daily work, and in which we believe.

We think that the success of our company must necessarily start from the success and the individual professional satisfaction of people: they are the first and fundamental witnesses of the values ​​in which we believe.

Constant growth of skills, updating, training are essential to make the difference and to give added value to the services provided to our customers.

Our Research Center can represent a great study and learning opportunity where the new graduates can develop projects of technological innovation.

"The propensity towards innovation and the constant motivation to the progress have always inspired our work and they will continue in the coming years.

Our production plants offers concrete opportunities to develop and to increase professional skills in a lot of fields. We give to young people that are entering the labour market the opportunity to join interesting and challenging projects.

There are a lot of international opportunities too, because Cornaglia Group has plants in Poland, Turkey, Romania, India, Canada, Brazil.

Start your career with a leading company in the automotive components industry, sending your résumé at Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.: it will be included in the company database that we use primarily for our staff selection.